Construction Tools for Planning

To make the construction preparation process easier, we have built several worksheets and construction¬†tools for planning based on experience that you can use to organize and manage your home improvement, new construction or remodel project.¬† Pick and choose the free DIY construction tools you find most useful to you. We recommend you also compile a job folder to keep track of all your project documents. The key to a successfully managed project is knowledge, organization, productive scheduling, advanced ordering of materials and frequent communication. Stay current in your communication with your subcontractors. Relay important information that may affect scheduling or work descriptions as soon as you know it may become a factor. Last minute surprises often create delays in work schedules. If you aren’t sure how to remodel a kitchen, a bathroom or even if you have experience with various home improvement projects. These construction management worksheets were made for you.

Tools for Planning

Tools for Planning

Planning your project:

Questions to prepare you for your future project.


Common mistakes and challenges that come up.

Design Grid:

Sketch your project.

What Next:

What do you do now that you have a budget and know what you want to do.

Materials List:

Prepare yourself for the price variances for materials selected on your project.

Bid List:

Make an organized bid list of all subs and contractors who bid your project.

Tools for Execution

Mock Schedule:

Visually prepare for your project.

Contract Check List:

See what you should look for in your contracts with your subs.

Subcontractor Schedule:

Schedule with your selected subcontractors.


A visual look at a month during your construction project.

Payment Schedule:

Be prepared for scheduled progress payments based on work completed.

Daily Check List:

Stay on top of your project, communicate and update your timelines.

Inspection Check List:

Be prepared for inspections ahead of time.

Lien Release Request:

When your project is done and your contractors are all paid make sure they all provide you with lien releases.