About DIYConstruction Mission and Vision

construction mission

Company mission – “We will provide the best, honest, and complete service possible. We will work to be clear, complete and ethical with all of our contract bids. We will not hide costs in attempt to get change orders later. We will ask questions and set expectations with all work and materials when biding a project. Each project I do as a DIYConstruction contractor affects the team. Our commitment is to the team and to our client.” “We know that all referrals we give are quality contractor referrals.”

construction Vision

When a homeowner is in need of a qualified and reputable contractor he or she knows that DIYConstruction provides consistent high quality contractor referrals for honest and ethical contractors. When a DIYConstruction team member / specialty contractor is hired. There is a consistency of level of service, communication, accountability and cost value. As well the comfort of knowing that the company referring the trade contractors is also a local contractor  with a vested interest in the service each team member provides.