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Hiring a professional pro direct from DIY Construction has some distinct advantages. Searching for a pro on your own can be a large undertaking. The process of finding a contractor can feel like speed dating, how are you supposed to know who is the right man for you? When you hire a pro from DIY Construction you have the advantage of weeding through the less worthy contractors and are left with local accountable distinguished contractors. Our contractors have vested interested in your project as well as their role as a member of our team. DIY Construction holds our local specialty contractors to a high standard and ethical way of conducting business. Should you have any issues, questions or added needs, contact us so we can solve problems for you if they arise.

If you are unsure of what kind of local trade contractor you need, contact us to hire a pro direct and we can help determine what your project needs. Below you will find our team of local specialty contractors that we use and recommend. We encourage you to contact them direct and let them know we have connected you to their services. All of our contractors have signed our team agreement and will be accountable to our team as well as you the homeowner.

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If you find yourself over whelmed, stuck or in need of a construction professional. We are available to help you. We offer Construction Consulting, Construction Management and full service General Contracting. No matter where you are in your construction project we can help.

If you do not live in San Diego and would like help finding contact information for your city planning offices. And or qualified subcontractors fill out the following information.